Art Walk Specials

Local Business Specials

Keep checking back as we continue to add exciting discounts and specials for drinks, food and other awesome stuff in the Lower Polk and Tenderloin neighborhoods!

September 5th, 2019 – Art Walk Specials:

Boozeland – Rock n Roll Lounge in the heart of the City // 510 Larkin St.
$8 Shot of Jameson and Miller High Life

Cup-A-Joe – cafe + beer // 896 Sutter St.
$4.95 Happy Hour Specials from 3-10pm

Darbar Restaurant – Indian/Pakastani restaurant // 1412 Polk St.
10% off food orders up to $20, 10% or a free dessert or appetizer for food orders $25+ (select desserts only)

Dijon Burger – burgers and eats // 1428 Polk St.
Two small burgers (1 free small fry); Two large burgers (1 free large fry); 1 pizza slice (1 free drink)

Grass Roots SF – cannabis dispensary // 1077 Post St.
10% off all purchases for new customers. ID required at check-in.

Hi-Lo Club – local bar // 1423 Polk St.
Cocktail ‘LoPo Cooler’ (ask for Art Walk price!)

Kung Fu Bar – local bar // 841 Larkin St.
$7 PBR Beer and a whiskey shot

Lush Lounge – local bar // 1221 Polk St.
PBR and Jameson shot for $8; Or a glass of champagne for $7

McTeague’s – local sports bar // 1237 Polk St.
Free pool and shuttleboard, several drink specials – ask for Art Walk specials !

Playland Bar – bar and dance venue // 1351 Polk St.
$10 Cocktail ‘Whiskey Business’

Rusty’s Southern – Southern-style BBQ + craft beer // 750 Ellis St.
10% off appetizers. Mention Art Walk, or show Art Walk map.

Upcider – hard cider house and food // 1161 Polk St., 2nd floor
10% off all food orders. Mention Art Walk.

Tender Curry House – Curry House // 655 Larkin St.
10% off all food orders with flyer


For all other locations, please ask if they are offering any specials for Art Walk participants.